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Religion for All | Sant Nirankari Mission

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 by OrganicPro

Baba Hardev Singh Ji (Sant Nirankari Mission)

If one can easily acknowledge the concept of one God for all, it should not be difficult to accept the idea of one religion of man, a religion that can suit the whole human race. The Nirankari Mission has succeeded in achieving this end through a living revelation of the all-pervading God, the same for all religions, ignoring the non-essential rituals which are different for different religions. Nirankari Missionaries quote from the holy books of all religions known to the world because they recognize the truth which is common to all faiths. For this reason people from all faiths have readily accepted the teachings of the Mission.

With the help of the divine knowledge bestowed by the True Master, an enlightened person perceives God in all and all in God. He regards every human being the creation of God. With true love and faith thus developed, one starts loving and serving his fellow-beings in the real sense. A compass of righteousness is fitted in the heart of the seeker which always keeps him in the right direction and relieves him of suspense and superstitions.

When spiritualism takes the place of ritualism, one follows and observes the golden tenet, "All to give all for all". Conversely, one believes that all his assets, material and mental belong to God, and we, as trustees only, are ordained to use them for common good of whole human race. This spells a living above narrow prejudices and dogmas of caste, color, creed etc. Thereby one becomes respectful towards others' mode of dress, diet and culture, and leads a purposeful self-reliant family life. The physical distance between distant places can be covered by any mode of conveyance, but the distance among the hearts of persons living even under the same roof can be covered only by realising fatherhood of God which strengthens the bond of human relationship making us firmly awakened that we are all one belonging to the One.

The Mission would like to describe this as one 'religion for all'. The world, the Mission feels needs to understand the basic spiritual message, the message of God, of truth, of love as professed by the great masters and enshrined in Holy Scriptures. This is what the Mission seeks to promote. It helps seekers of truth to know God, perceive the Omnipresent and understand the man’s relationship with the Creator, have faith in the Almighty, surrender to the Divine will and obey the commands of God. It explains that man is God’s own image on earth. God dwells in every soul and, therefore, it is easy to worship Him through the service of man. So, why not accept and adopt ‘humanity’ as religion, the only religion!
Source: http://nirankarimission.com/nm/about/religion_for_all.html

Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

by OrganicPro

Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj(Babaji India)

His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj was born on February 23, 1954 in Delhi. It was a divine gift to the divine family of the then Nirankari Baba Avtar Singh Ji and Jagat Mata Budhwanti Ji. As grand parents, they showered all the worldly as well as spiritual blessings on the child Hardev. His parents Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and Rajmata Kulwant Kaur Ji were equally affectionate. With the growth of child Hardev, grew his thoughtfulness and sobriety. He saw every object and observed every event with due curiosity but used to keep silent. Respect, regards for elders and trait of humility could be noticed in him from the very childhood. Interest in congregations and listening to discourses also became conspicuous in him. The kind and pure hearted child Hardev was never found spend-thrift and emotional. He was mostly seen tight-lipped, rarely using his soft tongue. He also started taking keen interest in photography. Hardev Singh Ji received his elementary education at home. With his sharp intellect, he learnt alphabets of Hindi, English and counting very quickly. Thereafter, he was sent to Rosary Public School, Nirankari Colony, Delhi, where by sweet nature and intelligence he cast spell on teachers and fellow students. They say that boy Hardev was often found in the class sitting thoughtfully with eyes half-shut. But he was always discovered to be fully attentive and responsive to what the teacher taught. In 1963, Hardev Singh Ji was sent to the residential Yadvendra Public School, Patiala, an institution of national fame, from where he passed the high school examination in 1969. His co-operative and compassionate nature made him popular with the teachers and the fellow-students alike. His school education was equally supplemented and cemented with spiritual touch received through the letters of his affectionate mother, Rajmata Ji. During his stay in the school, Hardev Singh Ji also developed keen interest in mountaineering. With his class-fellows and even alone, he would cover difficult terrains to reach certain places. This hobby added the trait of patience and perseverance in his life. He was never found tired or worried. He was also very skill-full in vehicle driving and horse riding.

On completion of school education at Patiala, Hardev Singh Ji returned to Delhi and started further education under Delhi University and also took keen interest in the socio-spiritual activities of the Mission. He became very regular in Sangat and Seva. His humility earned him the name 'Bhola Ji'. In 1971, Hardev Singh Ji joined the Nirankari Seva Dal as its primary member and enjoyed himself serving in cotton Khaki uniform. He organised "Youth Forum" in 1975, which focused on promoting truthful and simple living, service with devotion and love, refraining from incurring undue expenses and practicing prohibition. During the Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam in Delhi in 1975 Hardev Singh Ji was married in a simple ceremony to Sawinder Ji, daughter of devoted saints Shri Gurumukh Singh Ji and Smt. Madan Ji of Farrukhabad (UP). Born on January 12, 1957, Mata Sawinder Ji is well educated and duty conscious.

Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj became the spiritual mentor of the Mission under tragic circumstances. On April 24, 1980 the orthodox fanatics had snatched from the Mission the Sat guru and a crusader for peace and tranquility from the world, Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji. Young Hardev had lost not only the Sat guru but his beloved father also. This was the moment when forbearance, patience and tolerance of every follower of the Mission were under severe stress and a grave test. The very future of the Mission had been challenged. Nirankaris who had been taught to surrender to the will of God were finding it difficult to accept the verdict of 'destiny' that sounded to them as a deliberate violation of 'divine law'.

At the same time, every Nirankari believed that the Sat guru is an ever-living entity which must manifest itself in some other physical frame or human body. They had, however, not to wait for long. Immediately after the funeral of the mortal remains of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji at the electric crematorium in Delhi on 27th April, 1980, Hardev was greeted and hailed as the Head of the Mission and everybody present witnessed the Sat guru manifesting in him. Hardev, who was known for his quiet nature, addressed the devotees as a perfect spiritual master. His Holiness declared, "Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji's martyrdom is the will of God. Perceptions differ from people to people. The ignorant say that it may lead to bloodshed but the devotees believe that being a supreme sacrifice, it shall usher in peace and harmony. Imbibing such lofty ideals, we should continue to spread the Mission with a greater zeal."

Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj ruled out even the remotest thought of vengeance saying that 'it would go contrary to what Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji lived and sacrificed his life for'. He exhorted devotees to carry on his message of compassion, goodwill, love and Truth and pray for the welfare of one and all. The result was quite instantaneous and healthy. Nirankaris remained non- violent even in the face of serious provocations from miss-guided fanatics and extremists.
The supreme sacrifice of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and the first holy discourse by Baba Hardev Singh Ji had far greater and much deeper significance. The former showed that the Mission had paid the heaviest price for peace. Earlier, more than 60 leading missionaries’ forbearance was put to the hardest test when they were compelled to undergo the agony of judicial custody for about two years for the fault that was found to be not theirs at all. Now the Mission lost its spiritual mentor whose only fault was that he preached Truth and peace. Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji showed utmost respect to the saints, Gurus and prophets of the past. He held the Holy Scriptures in highest esteem. The only thing that he pointed out and stressed was that one must know the God he or she worships. Mere reading the religious books was not sufficient, he said. He wanted that their believers must follow the teachings in practical life, whosoever be the great master they believe and whatsoever the Holy Scripture they worship. His critics, however, did not try to verify the Truth he proclaimed, nor did they see how he sought to preach it. And he became a victim of their fanaticism, their ignorance.

Coming to the first holy discourse by Sat guru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and the message contained therein, one must appreciate that the words came from a youth of 26 years whose loving father had been assassinated brutally. Ordinarily, such a Young man must be burning with feeling of vengeance. In this case, he had all the resources at his disposal. He had only to give a hint that could cause riots and disturb peace for the entire country, may be many countries. But Baba Hardev Singh Ji chose to accept the price the Mission had been required or called upon to pay for peace. And with his call to Nirankaris to continue to spread the voice of truth while praying for goodwill of all, a disastrous mishap stood averted. No doubt the followers of the Mission continued to suffer both in terms of life and property here and there, the voice of Truth spread far and wide carrying with it the message of peace, love, humility and tolerance.
Source: http://www.thesindhuworld.com/rf_nirankari_hardevsingh.htm

Sant Nirankari Mission Five Principles

by OrganicPro

Sant Nirankari Mission Babaji (India)

Forgetfulness of God is a cause of all human ills. Conversely, God-realisation is a panancea for all maladies. This Mission, therefore, primarily one point programme of treating suffering humanity with the practical knowledge of God. As we do not find two swords in one sheath; pride and hatred cannot co-exist with God-realisation. Therefore, just as even the best treatment cannot prove effective unless the prescribed precautions are observed, the Mission has prescribed five basic tenets for seekers of Truth to wipe out self-pride and hatred against others, which are dominating factors negating realisation of God. Any person with swollen ego can never enjoy proper divine bliss. Therefore, in order to inculcate humility and love in all the devotees, the Nirankari Mission has formulated five principles for adoption in every day life. They are:

i) All assets - physical, mental and material-belong to the Divinity and man, as mere trustee, is ordained to use them as such. One should not feel proud of their possession.

Once this is understood and followed, it removes all kinds of arrogance, false pride born out of the sense of possession of worldly assets. Instead, it inculcates the spirit of selflessness and sacrifice for others. It generates contentment and stability. One does not feel jubilant when fortune smiles, nor does one sulk when fortune frowns. As nothing belongs to man, he does not get lost in the mad maze of mammon with its attendant evils. He is free from malice and hatred. He loves all and feels grateful to God for whatever has been given to him.

ii) Not to be proud of one's caste, creed, race, faith and other class distinctions and hate others on this account. Man should be loved as such. One has to feel himself as one with whole human family and love the mankind.

Somebody’s faith in a particular way of worship should not become a reason for hatred towards him. Truth is one and the same. Then, why should the seekers quarrel or fight? They should rather love each other and co-exist in a spirit of equality and fraternity. Religion, whatever its nomenclature, caste, creed or race should unite and not divide them. In no way it should become a reason to be proud. Man should appreciate that all human beings are the creation of the same Almighty. Notwithstanding accidental differences of birth, place and social status, they should live in peace, harmony and understanding.

iii) Not to look down upon anybody because of his mode of dress, diet and living.

In a way, when man accepts that all his possessions belong to the Almighty and rises above ideologies and faiths, he should have no problem in tolerating differences in dress, food habits and other modes of living which are dictated by climatic conditions that vary from region to region. It is the purity of soul that is to be valued, rather than the style or standard of living; and nothing from without can defile the soul.

iv) Not to renounce worldly life to become a vagrant recluse or ascetic but to lead family life in accordance with normal social norms and sustain family by honest livelihood.

God can be realised while performing normal duties of daily life. In fact, man should not run away from his responsibilities towards himself, his family and society at large, on the pretext of search for the Ultimate Truth. One does not require to renounce the world for spiritual enlightenment. Man should rather transform the society through Divine Truth and make it more worthy of living, peaceful, happy and prosperous.

v) Not to divulge the Divine Knowledge bestowed by the Satguru to others without his permission. Never to be possessed by pride because of enlightenment.

For spiritual enlightenment one must approach and seek the blessings of the Spiritual Master, the Satguru. Truth can be revealed only by the one who knows it. Even thereafter one should not divulge the knowledge of the Formless God to anyone without the word of the Satguru. This is to save an ordinary follower from embarrassment, because every student cannot become a teacher. He must acquire an in-depth understanding before he is called upon to bless the new comers with the realisation of the Ultimate Truth.

With these principles at heart and God all around, a Nirankari is a beacon light for the world and he is so by the practical life he lives. These principles enable the devotees to lead a simple life, balanced and worthy of man. All the differences, controversies and quarrels are rooted in implicit or explicit pride and ego which is uprooted through these principles. The Mission thus seeks to ensure individual development as well as welfare and progress of the whole society.
Source: http://nirankarimission.com/nm/about/five_principles.html


Dhan Nirankar Ji

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 by OrganicPro

Dhan Nirankar Ji
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Sant Nirankari Mission | Five Principles


Practical Spirituality and Sant Nirankari Mission India

by OrganicPro

GURPREET NARANG: A true spiritual master makes spirituality simple and practicable to a common man, who is least interested in the obscure paraphernalia of philosophy. Of course, there are seekers who, consciously or unconsciously, hanker after 'spiritual titillation' rather than seeking the Truth.

Visions, ecstasies, kundalinis and other states become the goal although they take the seeker in the reverse direction by fostering his ego.

A true master teaches that God is omnipresent. God is not only up there in heaven, but is at the innermost layer of earth, too. He is not only within, but also without. Everything is in God...and God is in everything.

The Guru Granth Sahib points out: "O Nanak, the Lord is pervading everywhere; He is contained in all space/ and interspaces/ O Saints see clearly that the Lord is near at hand; He is pervading everywhere".

In the Holy Bible, in the Book of Acts, Apostle Paul explains to the people of Athens: "For as I passed by and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, 'To the unknown God'.

Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, He declares me unto you. Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands: ...Though he be not far from every one of us: For in Him we live and move, and have our being".

You might ask: If I am in God and God is in me why don't I realise Him? The Guru Granth Sahib explains: "Without guru there is no understanding (that) the Lord is close to all".

The true master directly bestows God-knowledge on the seeker. Without the true guru it is impossible to acquire know-ledge of God and without true knowledge of God it is impossible to attain salvation.

That is why bhakti saints like Kabir and Ravidass persisted in singing praises of the guru. A bhakti-saint remarked: "It is easy for me to forget God but not the guru, for God hides Himself but my guru reveals himself to me".

The guru imparts to the seeker the Brahm-gyan or God know-ledge, enabling him to perceive directly that the one whom he is seeking is absolute Formless, Eternal and is present everywhere.

"God knowledge is the beginning and God Realisation is the end", says Baba Hardev Singh Ji, the head of the Sant Nirankari Mission. He adds that "Real bhakti starts after God knowledge, not before, only after knowing God one can start surrendering to him".

The Nirankari Mission endorses the age-old truth that God is eternal, without any form, Omnipresent and Omnipotent and perceivable through the true spiritual master. It teaches that the dream of universal brotherhood can be achieved spontaneously if one realises the fatherhood of God through bhakti and selfless service to mankind.

The Nirankari Mission lays great emphasis on loving the Lord and serving him by serving Man.

It firmly believes that bhakti is not meditating, sitting and chant-ing some mantras, but being aware of the fact, all the time, that one is 'moving and acting' or simply 'being' in God.

Practical Spirituality and Sant Nirankari Mission


by OrganicPro

Dhan Nirankar ji
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Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj
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Wednesday, April 4, 2007 by OrganicPro

Dhan Nirankar Ji
Please follow below link
Practical Spirituality and Sant Nirankari Mission India
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