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Religion for All | Sant Nirankari Mission

Baba Hardev Singh Ji (Sant Nirankari Mission)

If one can easily acknowledge the concept of one God for all, it should not be difficult to accept the idea of one religion of man, a religion that can suit the whole human race. The Nirankari Mission has succeeded in achieving this end through a living revelation of the all-pervading God, the same for all religions, ignoring the non-essential rituals which are different for different religions. Nirankari Missionaries quote from the holy books of all religions known to the world because they recognize the truth which is common to all faiths. For this reason people from all faiths have readily accepted the teachings of the Mission.

With the help of the divine knowledge bestowed by the True Master, an enlightened person perceives God in all and all in God. He regards every human being the creation of God. With true love and faith thus developed, one starts loving and serving his fellow-beings in the real sense. A compass of righteousness is fitted in the heart of the seeker which always keeps him in the right direction and relieves him of suspense and superstitions.

When spiritualism takes the place of ritualism, one follows and observes the golden tenet, "All to give all for all". Conversely, one believes that all his assets, material and mental belong to God, and we, as trustees only, are ordained to use them for common good of whole human race. This spells a living above narrow prejudices and dogmas of caste, color, creed etc. Thereby one becomes respectful towards others' mode of dress, diet and culture, and leads a purposeful self-reliant family life. The physical distance between distant places can be covered by any mode of conveyance, but the distance among the hearts of persons living even under the same roof can be covered only by realising fatherhood of God which strengthens the bond of human relationship making us firmly awakened that we are all one belonging to the One.

The Mission would like to describe this as one 'religion for all'. The world, the Mission feels needs to understand the basic spiritual message, the message of God, of truth, of love as professed by the great masters and enshrined in Holy Scriptures. This is what the Mission seeks to promote. It helps seekers of truth to know God, perceive the Omnipresent and understand the man’s relationship with the Creator, have faith in the Almighty, surrender to the Divine will and obey the commands of God. It explains that man is God’s own image on earth. God dwells in every soul and, therefore, it is easy to worship Him through the service of man. So, why not accept and adopt ‘humanity’ as religion, the only religion!
Source: http://nirankarimission.com/nm/about/religion_for_all.html

“Religion for All | Sant Nirankari Mission”

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